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Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Advanced Automation, Inc.

1. What We Do

1.1 Our Services: We help with technology stuff for homes and businesses. This includes making your home cool with music and TVs and making offices and hotels tech-savvy.

2. Your Part

2.1 Your Job: When we work together, you need to give us the correct information and let us access the place where we’ll work. You also need to follow any rules we agree on.

3. Agreeing to Work Together

3.1 Our Agreement: Before we start, we’ll agree on what we’ll do, when we’ll finish, and how much it’ll cost. If things change, we’ll talk about it and write it down.

4. Paying and Bills

4.1 How You Pay: You’ll pay us based on our agreement. We’ll send you bills when we finish a part of the work, and you’ll pay within the time we discuss.

5. Keeping Secrets

5.1 Keeping Things Private: We’ll keep your secrets safe, and you’ll keep our secrets safe, too. Any info we collect is safe and follows the rules about keeping information private.

6. Who’s Responsible

6.1 What We’re Responsible For: We’ll do our best, but we’re not responsible if something goes wrong because of changes or mistakes you make after we finish.

7. If There’s a Problem

7.1 If We Disagree: Let’s talk first if we have a problem. If we can’t fix it, we need to ask someone else to help us solve it.

8. Rules We Follow

8.1 Our Laws: These rules follow the laws of our workplace. If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it following those laws.