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Solutions for Restaurants and Bars

Enhance Patron Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Restaurants and Bars

Elevate your patrons’ experience with cutting-edge audiovisual solutions from Advanced Automation, Inc. Our range of offerings includes:

Centralized Display Systems: From large central screens to individual table screens, ensure every seat enjoys an immersive view. Tailored to sports enthusiasts, our high-quality displays offer both size and picture perfection.

Individual Screen Control: Grant patrons autonomy with separate screens at each booth or table. Easy operation without disrupting others ensures a superior viewing experience for all.

Multi-Zone Audio Systems: Experience optimized audio across different areas simultaneously. Customized zones prevent audio clashes, maintaining an exceptional listening environment for diverse preferences.

Enhance your establishment’s ambiance with our advanced AV solutions. Contact us for tailored installations.

Meeting solutions

Enterprise Video Conferencing To increase meeting effectiveness, consider state-of-the-art hybrid workplace technology solutions. Modern conference rooms require more than comfortable furnishings; they demand technology investments. Subject matter experts can help guide such investments wisely.

A necessary first component in a multi-functional conference room is a video conferencing system and display. A variety of audio/video options are available. To meet demands in today’s hybrid work environments, companies must invest in new workplace technologies that have become necessities, not luxuries.

Leading equipment manufacturers in the conferencing space include Cisco, Polycom and Logitech. Top platforms used are Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.
Subject matter experts provide a wide range of tailored audio/video conferencing solutions to meet business needs.

Theme Parks

Unlock exceptional soundscapes in theme parks with Advanced Automation, Inc.’s expertise:

Complete Audio Ecosystem: Deliver unmatched sonic experiences through our array of speakers, monitors, and engineering support.

End-to-End Solutions: Equip sports arenas with our comprehensive solutions, covering equipment, design, and ongoing technical assistance.

Craft unforgettable auditory experiences for theme park visitors. Reach out to us for tailored audio solutions and support.