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Advanced WiFi Solutions

Advanced WiFi Solutions

At Advanced Automation, Inc., optimizing WiFi deployment for robust connectivity is paramount.

Maximizing Connectivity

For large-scale implementations, relying on a single-room WiFi network often falls short. Seamless transitions between access points become crucial to avoid connectivity loss when moving between areas. Our managed WiFi solutions leverage cutting-edge access points, controllers, and hardware for uninterrupted connectivity.

Seamless Roaming

Hotels, event venues, and multi-room residences benefit from our centralized controller, ensuring uninterrupted connections as users move. By intelligently managing access points, we facilitate seamless roaming without drops, even in complex environments where signals can be obstructed.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our controllers ensure comprehensive coverage in multi-room settings susceptible to signal blockages, eliminating dead zones. Our software assesses signal strengths and identifies areas needing enhancement, ensuring a seamless network experience throughout your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Managed WiFi?

Managed WiFi refers to a comprehensive system that utilizes access points, controllers, and specialized hardware to ensure seamless connectivity throughout an area. It allows for efficient handoffs between access points, preventing connectivity issues or drops.

How does Managed WiFi benefit large-scale implementations?

For larger spaces like hotels, event venues, or multi-room residences, Managed WiFi ensures uninterrupted connectivity by enabling devices to seamlessly transition between access points without losing connection.

What if my property has areas with poor signal strength or dead zones?

Our software conducts thorough assessments of signal strength in different areas, identifying dead zones. By utilizing specialized controllers and strategic placement of access points, we ensure comprehensive coverage, eliminating these dead zones for a seamless network experience.