Hospitality WIFI deployment takes skills and experience to execute the complex network that hotels have. Hospitality network consists of multiple Vlan, Wlan, different subnets and IP addresses throughout. The biggest challenge is internal security and external security. Hotels do not want guests to be able to see their internal network while providing guests with internet service. This is possible with firewalls and VLAN in place. These measurements will separate public networks and hotel internal network.

AHA has been providing campus and hospitality deployments for years. We are current working on the Tropicana Aruba WIFI projects. We have completed over 128 rooms as we speak and we are working on phase II mid 2018 to end of 2018.

Guests have the option of using free internet provided or upgrade to higher speed and bandwidth for a fee.

Call AHA for your next WIFI deployment project to add ROI to your hotel.