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WIFI Deployment

A wifi for a single room may be enough for some applications, but a true Wifi deployment is a different ballgame. Have you connected to a Wifi SSID name and then leave the hotspot/zone and find yourself with little or no connection? This is because your smartphone or laptop is hanging on to the smallest connection possible without being handed off to the next stronger AP(access point). A managed WIFI system requires access points, controller and other hardware to make this possible.

Hotels and large arenas WIFI system is controlled by a controller and it is capable of zero handoff. When you live in a house with multiple rooms, floor or the structure stops wireless signal to penetrate to needed areas, you would need a controller to manage your environment. AHA can help to achieve this by using software to see where is the hot spot and dead zone. Call us today to roam freely around your home without a dead spot.


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WIFI Deployment